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Wearing loupes improve comfort during procedures by relieving back and neck pain and reducing eye-strain by magnifying the treatment area.

The beauty of loupes

Non-surgical aesthetic procedures have recently grown in popularity. Cosmetic treatments such as Botox injections, electrolysis and laser hair removal, dermal fillers, laser skin rejuvenation and chemical peels have been developed to treat wrinkles, acne and sun damaged skin, and to remove unwanted hair and thread veins. Many practitioners carrying out these treatments experience chronic neck and back pain at some time in their careers as a result of constantly having to lean closer to their patients to get a better view.

Focus on posture

Wearing loupes can play a key role in improving your comfort during the procedure by allowing you to adopt a more upright posture, relieving back and neck pain and at the same time, reducing eye-strain by magnifying the treatment area. Far from the misconception that patients find loupes a little intimidating, they generally don't even notice them. If they are curious, explain how the loupes allow you to see much more during treatment, ultimately giving them a much better and more comfortable experience.

Better quality of life

Looking after yourself at work means a better life outside it, as physical and emotional wellness are crucial to doing a better job for your patients and giving you far greater job satisfaction.

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“Douglas Hart recently came to my clinic to fit me with loupes. He spent an incredible amount of time fitting me from a vast selection and fully understood what I was (and wasn’t) looking for. I was able to try many styles, weights and magnifications and eventually settled on a wonderful pair of Carl Zeiss. His attention to detail and patience were second to none and should I need another pair in the future I wouldn’t even think to go elsewhere”

Tina Sinclair   Electrolysis & Aesthetic Clinic, Dunfermline

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