Zeiss L & LC Head-Worn Loupes

Zeiss L & LC head-worn loupes for binocular, stereoscopic near vision in surgery, technology and jewellery.

For comfortable detail work.

The Zeiss Head-worn Loupes L/LC are the ideal solution if a low magnification suffices for your work and you want to keep your hands free to perform the task at hand.

The Zeiss Head-worn Loupe L consists of a vertically adjustable visor, closed at the sides, that prevents the entry of irritating light and can be swung out of the field of view if required.

To increase wearing comfort, the headband is fitted with an exchangeable textile pad and elastic strap.

The Zeiss Head-worn Loupe LC is a magnifier clip that can be attached to most prescription spectacles. The height and inclination of the magnifying lens can be adjusted individually.

A Zeiss hands-free vision aid is an essential tool for any precision craft involving a long period of viewing fine detail, such as:

  • engraving and model making
  • intricate embroidery and lace making
  • medical and dental hygiene professions
  • miniaturized component assembly
  • quality assurance inspection

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Technical data

  • Weight of Head-worn Loupe L: approx 110g
  • Weight of Head-worn Loupe LC: approx 20g
Refractive power Optically effective diameter Working distance Magnification Field of view (binocular)
4D 40 x 30 mm 260 mm 1.25x 83 x 100 mm
6D 40 x 30 mm 200 mm 1.4x 72 x 75 mm

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Client testimonials

"The loupes are absolutely fantastic and it's remarkable what a difference they've made to me being able to see my work! The quality of the prescription lenses is also impressive. Altogether a tremendous success and I can't thank you enough.”

Jane Herries, Jewellery Designer  

"I have dealt with Douglas on several occasions now with regards to top quality Zeiss loupes for our hair transplant practice. He has been extremely helpful and knowledgable and super prompt to my requests. Needless to say I am also very happy with the product! Thank you Douglas."

Bessam Farjo, Hair Restoration Surgeon   Farjo Hair Institute, Manchester

"Just to say that I have now received and tried on my Zeiss loupes. They are perfect! The design and lens system provides an optimum field of vision and your recommended magnification power and field depth is excellent.
Many thanks once again for a very professional service and speedy delivery!"

Dr Stam Karavolos   Consultant Gynaecologist and Specialist in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery