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In dentistry, high quality dental loupes are the key to improving the quality of examinations and treatment.

Dental Loupes

Enjoy Magnified Comfort

In dentistry, better vision is the key to improving the quality of the examination and treatment. If there is one item you can buy to improve your dentistry virtually overnight, it is a pair of high quality dental loupes.

Every detail matters

The main benefit in using loupes is that they magnify the image allowing you to observe structures not easily visible to the naked eye.

Magnification allows better precision during crown preparation or caries removal. The level of magnification depends upon the type of procedure being undertaken. For general dental procedures, 2.5 to 3.5x magnifications are usually sufficient whilst for endodontics, higher magnifications of 4 to 6x may be desired.

Say goodbye to back and neck pain

Wearing dental loupes, with the correct working distance, also provides important ergonomic benefits by helping to improve poor posture, which is often a contributing factor to back and neck injuries, a common complaint amongst dentists and hygienists.
They also help to reduce eye-strain and fatigue, particularly during lengthy treatments.


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