Heine ML4 Headlight with HR/HRP Loupes

The Heine ML4 LED HeadLight with HR/HRP Loupes is specially designed for healthcare professionals who need a perfect view during long surgical operations or treatments.

Perfect fit. Perfect view.

  • Adjustable illumination spot size: 30mm to 80mm spot size range (at 420mm working distance) to fit any examination situation.
  • Bright and homogenous 90,000 lux illumination. Absolutely bright light spot that is uniform from edge-to-edge for the perfect illumination in all examination situations.
  • Stepless light intensity control. Optimal brightness setting prevents reflexes.
  • Flexibility. Flexible Power Source Options: 100% mobility with a choice of cable-free mPack Unplugged head-worn battery or mPack belt-worn battery pack.
  • Coaxial illumination. Coaxial design ensures a completely shadow-free image and allows for excellent illumination of difficult to see areas.
  • Comfortable and secure fit. The Professional L headband has multiple adjustment points and soft padding for comfort and stability – even during long examinations.
  • Optional filters: Polarisation Filter P2 improves contrast and yellow filter reduces blue light.

Power Options


Heine mPack

  • Portable power pack. Does not tie the user to desk, wall or static power supplies.
  • Li-ion technology. No memory effect, autonomy for typ. 8.5 hours of continuous ON time at full power.
  • Fast charge. Charges to full capacity in typ. 2 hours.
  • Charge status indicator. Always lets you know how much operating charge you have left.
  • Brightness control. Optimal adjustment of light intensity.
  • Flexible charging options: EN 50 Desk and wall charger, or plug-in transformer.
  • Intelligent. Can be used as mains power supply even while in “charge” mode.



Heine mPack Unplugged. Headband-mounted rechargeable battery

  • Wireless. 100 % mobility for absolute freedom of movement.
  • Rechargeable battery integrated on the headband.
  • Lightweight with balanced weight distribution. High level of comfort.
  • Charge status indicator indicates remaining operating time.
  • Intelligent. Can be used as mains power supply even in “charge” mode.
  • Fast charge. Charges to full capacity in typ. 2 hours. Operating time typ. 3.5 hours of continuous ON time at full power.

HR 2.5x Specifications

Working distance




Field of view




Depth of view 110mm 180mm 260mm

HRP Specifications

Working distance




Field of view




Depth of view 60mm 40mm 30mm



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