Zeiss Eyemag Pro Loupes

Head-worn loupes for binocular, stereoscopic near vision in surgery, technology and jewellery.

Flexibility for your work. The Zeiss head-worn Eyemag Pro loupe is used for binocular, stereoscopic near vision in dentistry, surgery and the electronics and jewellery industries.

Superb image quality, large fields of view, 10 different optical systems with magnifications from 3.2x to 5x and working distances from 500 mm to 300 mm.

The Eyemag Pro loupe is ideal for many applications in medicine and technology. If required, the optical system can be swung out of the field of view and then returned to its standard position. The inter-pupillary distance is set via the folding bridge of the system.

The loupes can be perfectly combined with the Eyemag Light II LED System. Increased magnification in combination with shadow-free illumination of the work area are the basis for optimal results.

The Eyemag Pro Loupe System

The Eyemag Pro F loupe system is mounted on a titanium frame with straight temples and an elastic headband. If required, the protective lenses can be exchanged for prescription lenses of any power at any time. The Eyemag Pro S loupe is a head mounted system which, thanks to the carrier’s adjustment possibilities, can be adapted to fit any head shape and size. The user's own prescription spectacles can be worn with this system.


The Eyemag Pro Loupe System


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Technical data

  • Length (optical systems): 51.5 to 62 mm.
  • Weight: approx. 135 g.


Working distance

Free object distance

Field of view

4 x

500 mm

425 mm

93 mm


500 mm

430 mm

115 mm

4 x

450 mm

375 mm

81 mm


450 mm

380 mm

100 mm


400 mm

325 mm

68 mm


400 mm

330 mm

86 mm


350 mm

275 mm

56 mm


350 mm

280 mm

71 mm


300 mm

220 mm

44 mm


300 mm

230 mm

56 mm

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Client testimonials

"The loupes are absolutely fantastic and it's remarkable what a difference they've made to me being able to see my work! The quality of the prescription lenses is also impressive. Altogether a tremendous success and I can't thank you enough.”

Jane Herries, Jewellery Designer  

"I have dealt with Douglas on several occasions now with regards to top quality Zeiss loupes for our hair transplant practice. He has been extremely helpful and knowledgable and super prompt to my requests. Needless to say I am also very happy with the product! Thank you Douglas."

Bessam Farjo, Hair Restoration Surgeon   Farjo Hair Institute, Manchester

"Just to say that I have now received and tried on my Zeiss loupes. They are perfect! The design and lens system provides an optimum field of vision and your recommended magnification power and field depth is excellent.
Many thanks once again for a very professional service and speedy delivery!"

Dr Stam Karavolos   Consultant Gynaecologist and Specialist in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery

"With a growing interest in endodontics and more complex restorative dental treatments I knew it was time to upgrade my magnification and Douglas lined up several combinations for me to try which were specific to my practicing needs. The step up in performance of my Zeiss loupes has been outstanding and I was surprised at how light they are to wear. Douglas delivered the loupes to me at work and helped me set them up correctly, so the getting used to the additional magnification took no time at all. I wouldn't want to work without this new set-up and with his extensive experience in equipping dentists with loupes & lights, buying from Douglas was an easy choice."

Calum Imray   Private Dentistry in Edinburgh

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