Eschenbach ridoMED

Lightweight spectacle binocular loupes providing convenient hands free magnified viewing of near objects.

Eschenbach ridoMED magnification loupes

These lightweight spectacle binocular loupes provide convenient hands free magnified viewing of near objects.

Extremely useful for dental, medical and ophthalmic applications and are also used for fine detail work by engravers, watchmakers and model makers.

  • Coated lens system.
  • Adjustment of pupillary distance of 54–74 mm.
  • Lens diameter 23 mm.
  • Focusing/dioptre compensation adjusted individually for each eyepiece.
  • Ocular-side additional correction is possible, e.g. cylinder correction.
  • Sturdy carrier frame made from glass fibre reinforced, black plastic.
  • Comfortable, easily adjustable saddle bridge.
  • Supplied in black zippered case.


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Technical data



Working distance

Visual field


2.5 x/binocular

approx. 350 mm

75/350 mm


3.0 x/binocular

approx. 200 mm

54/200 mm


4.0 x/binocular

approx. 250 mm

35/250 mm

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