Zeiss G 2.5 TTL Teleloupe Spectacles

For binocular, stereoscopic near vision in dentistry, medicine and technology.

The G 2.5 TTL teleloupe spectacles are binocular loupes that are fitted individually by our registered Dispensing Optician. They are used for binocular, stereoscopic near vision by professional users in dentistry, medicine and technology.

The Galilean-type systems offer 2.5x magnification and are available in three different working distances. The optical systems are mounted in the carrier lens (TTL = through the lens). Either the proven system carrier STMS or a fashionable sports frame can be used as a system carrier. For maximum comfort, the system carrier is equipped with sides and a strap. The plastic carrier lenses of the STMS system can be with or without prescription.

If required, the eyepieces of the optical systems can also contain prescription power. For the sports frame, an optical adapter can be fitted with prescription lenses.  The G 2.5 TTL spectacle loupes can be combined with the Eyemag Light II LED System. This results in an ideal combination of magnification and illumination.

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Technical data

  • Magnification 2.5x
  • Working distances: 350 / 400 / 450 mm
  • Fields of view: 75 / 85 / 95 mm
  • Individually matched to specific requirements
  • Relaxed work without strain
  • Crafted to individual centring data

N.B The object distance is reduced if the user accommodates.

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"Choosing Douglas to be my loupes provider was a very easy decision. This is because he provides high quality loupes which are reasonably priced and great long term customer service. The clarity of these loupes are fantastic! I would recommend loupes to every dental professional as they really help you do intricate work whilst maintaining a good posture. 5 star rating.”

Sonia Kumar   Dentist at Harley Dentist, London

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