Spectacle Lenses

Improve your vision with lenses from Zeiss, Shamir & Hoya.

In recent years there have been major developments in spectacle lens technology, all designed to improve your vision and to make your spectacles more comfortable to wear and to look more attractive.

As independent Dispensing Opticians, we are able to supply lenses from many suppliers including Carl Zeiss and Hoya, providing you with the very best in lens technology and quality. At Douglas Hart Specialist Eyewear, we are happy to discuss your individual visual requirements and advise you on the latest developments in advanced lens design, coatings and tints.

Progressive Lenses

These are the modern alternative to bifocal lenses without the line. They are normally advised to people over the age of 40, when separate distance and near prescriptions are required giving you clear vision at all distances. The newest progressive lens designs provide you with an extremely wide field of vision with minimal distortion allowing greater ease of adaption and a natural viewing experience. We can also provide progressive lenses for the frequent user of digital devices such as smart phones, tablets and laptops. These lenses have been specifically designed to accommodate the different viewing angles that digital devices are viewed at.

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Occupational Lenses

These lenses are designed specifically for people who do a lot of close and intermediate work such as VDU users. The lenses are corrected for close work but enable an extended range of vision of up to 4m, which cannot be obtained with normal reading glasses.

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High Index Lenses

In the past, some people with a complex prescription, had to put up with thicker and heavier lenses in their spectacles. Thankfully today, super thin and lightweight Hi-index lenses now make them look great and feel more comfortable. With the great advances in lens coatings, the lenses are also more durable and easier to be kept clean.

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Transitions Adaptive Lenses

Transition lenses are fast acting variable tinted lenses which darken in sunlight with UV light. Indoors they are clear, but outside they rapidly darken effectively changing them into conventional sunglasses. Transitions are available in grey or brown tints and offer 100% protection against damaging UV light.

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Polarised Lenses

These lenses dramatically reduce painful glare caused by reflected sunlight, especially off snow or water. Water sports enthusiasts and skiers will benefit from the use of polarised lenses as indeed will drivers looking into low winter sunshine. These lenses are of particular use when fishing, as the angler will be able to see below the surface of the water.

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Impact Resistant Lenses

Polycarbonate and Trivex lenses are recommended for all active sports due their high impact resistant properties. Trivex is also an ideal choice for children due to its increased robustness, excellent UV protection and optical clarity.

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Anti-reflection Coatings

These special coatings reduce annoying reflections, improve the appearance of your spectacles and, most importantly, enhance your vision. In the modern office environment, they can help to reduce eyestrain when viewing VDU’s. More recent advances in technology now means you can get the added benefit of them being anti-scratch, anti-static and repellent to water, grease and dirt, making them more durable and a lot easier to clean.

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Ask us about the latest digital technology and advanced lens designs, coatings and tints. We're happy to discuss your individual visual requirements and advise on the latest developments.

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